Strategic Brand Advisory


We work closely with brand custodians and C-level management to define strategic brand guidelines, develop a brand identity & positioning strategy, 

build uniqueness, identify customer need gaps and provide implementation support and supervision to achieve desired results.

Communication Consultancy


In an 'always on' digital era, building brand-customer equations through multiple consumption touch points is a challenge. We help brands navigate with clarity - matching tonality with personality and resources with possibilities. From what to say, how to say, when to say and where to say, we constantly strive to build customer connect through unconventional opportunities both in the online and offline space.

Start Up Advisory


The best investment a startup can make during its early bootstrapped days is to put together an experienced & valuable Advisory Board that can align with its ambitions, and help define its growth trajectory. And someone with a 'brand vision' who can take a macro view of things is usually best placed to do so. We work closely with start up founders on a retained/ equity participation model to map needs and tap potential, allowing them access to our experience, network & resources that can build their brand favourably, and propel the business forward. 

Content for the Digital Age


There has been a paradigm shift in how communication has changed in the digital age. It's a new vocabulary and grammar out there, and brands need to be trained and equipped to develop & deliver content that is both engaging and relevant. We are equipped to help brands build multi channel conversations through ideation, creative writing for blogs & features, graphic design, digital & social communication, audio & video production and film making services. We also establish meaningful connections and collaborations between brands to create unique content that resonate with a common set of audience.

Hospitality/F&B Consultancy


Our areas of expertise include concept & design development, pre-opening and operational consultancy, food & menu curation, branding, marketing, communications, PR, staff training, mystery audits and all aspects of human centric solutions for hospitality and F&B service brands, both at the back-end and front-end.

Mentoring & Coaching


We conduct custom-tailored programs and audience specific interactive sessions for organisations and forums, covering a range of subjects:

Workshops & Speaking Assignments: 

• The essence of Branding

• Branding in the Digital Age

• Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset

• Creative Business Managers of Tomorrow

• Decoding Gen Z

• Competitive advantage through collaboration


• Language (English, French & Hindi)

• Soft Skills for Service Industry

• Public Image Management


• F&B/ Food Handling & Hygiene

• Employees as Brand Ambassadors