We have tried to simplify things a bit by answering some very basic business queries here. Things you may have in mind, but are a bit hesitant to ask. Feel free to probe further till our stars align. 

Thereafter, we have no more FAQs to give. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I engage your services?

Let us know your pain points and we will try our best to address them. If you like what you hear, you will have to offer us a project mandate in the form of a contract, clearly defining scope, timelines and financials that are mutually agreed upon.

Can we engage for a short term project?

Yes, we do align some of our services towards short term projects. Brand audits, training and workshops are some examples. For strategic, communication and hospitality consultancy services, the minimum period of engagement is 3 months.

Is there a rate card for services offered?

We have a rate card for services such as content writing, editorial & features, translation services, etc. that can be shared on request. 

Cost of production for services such as graphic design, digital & social communication, audio & video production and film making services are dependant on the brief. 

Retained advisory services are customised on the basis of scope of work and time inputs.

What is the minimum cost of engagement?

We do not undertake project assignments under INR 1.0 lac excluding GST.

For retained services please get in touch with us for details on our base fee package which starts at an attractive price and can be customised further by adding or removing services. 

Are there any special packages for start ups?

We work with start ups on a subsidised fixed fee + variable component that is linked to the duration of engagement or successful completion of pre defined objectives. We are open to equity participation or profit sharing agreements, that fairly compensates for the variable component of fees against services rendered.

What would the payment terms be?

For short term projects, we work on 100% advance.

For short to mid term projects (under 6 months) we work on an advance security deposit equivalent to 2 month's fee, and 1 month's fee paid in advance each month.

For mid to long term projects (between 6 to 12 months) we work on an advance security deposit equivalent to 1 month's fee, and 1 month's fee paid in advance each month.

For long term annual contracts (12 months and above) we take a 15% signing fee (may vary depending on contract value) at the start of the agreement period, and offer a credit period on equated monthly payments ranging from 15 days to a maximum of 30 days. Discretion would be applied basis contract value and tenure.